La Pieve, a Country Hotel in Montalcino representing the culture of hospitality and the beauty of its surroundings

La Pieve di Montalcino: the quality of a country hotel, in harmony with the natural aspects of the agriturismo, the welcoming and informal atmosphere of the holiday homes, the charm of a renowned restaurant, the exclusiveness of a thousand-year-old church… La Pieve di Montalcino offers all these types of hospitality, combining tradition and innovation which results in the finest characteristics and the highest quality.
La Pieve is a country hotel overflowing with comfort, services and equipment of only the greatest standards. The apartments are cleaned daily, furnished with great care and elegance and all have design kitchens. All this accumulates to a heartfelt homely experience and at the same time manages to provide the client with his need for privacy and autonomy. La Pieve emanates the agriturismo-feel thanks to its ideal location amongst Brunello vineyards and century-old olive groves.
La Pieve, the restaurant in Montalcino, is situated amidst rows of grapevines and offers wonderful flavours, breathtaking splendour and a wine and food philosophy reminiscent of the ancient civilization of these lands.
The sacredness and the atmosphere of the thousand-year-old church make La Pieve the perfect place for ceremonies, events and special occasions.
A swimming pool and a tennis field surrounding La Pieve allow its clients to be in touch with nature, leisure and total relaxation.

The owners passionately work on maintaining and improving this ancient building in order to turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.
              The Restaurant
                   The country Hotel
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